• On-Premise
    Want to install our software on your server? Learn about what we provide and requirements here.


For those who would like to host MofficeSoft software on their own servers, we offer an on-premise solution. Your business will manage the server and we'll assist with installation and updates.

Server Requirements

The minimum specifications needed to run MofficeSoft software on your server.

Server requirements
CPU i5 core+
OS Linux CentOS 6.* (64bit)
Partitions /boot 500MB
/ 15GB
/tmp 4GB
/home Fill to maximum allowable size
Web server Apache 2.2.*
PHP 5.2.*
Mysql 5.1.*
Qmail 1.03

Additional Tools

MofficeSoft uses additional tools to help take care of your software to perform the best it can.

Mail & Collaboration Software Check Tool(Used by MofficeSoft)

The Mail & Collaboration Software Check Tool was built to find the operational files related to bug or error causes, self-analyze the situation, then automatically solve the issue and alert administrators. It communicates with the TCP socket (TCP Port: 57590, 57591) every 5 minutes.


Automatically patches and distributes check script
Notifies server administrator after it solves issues
Automatically checks and upgrades itself
Provides real-time monitoring of server status
Monitors important internal daemons, self-restarts, and alerts administrators
Automatically updates Mail & Collaboration software

qmail Analysis Tool (Provided to users)

Control access through tcp.smtp management

  • Check, block, and manage blocked addresses through vpop and smtp authentication logs
  • Manage vpop and smtp log analysis rules and exceptions (auto-block system)
  • Control mail relay exception IPs (highest priority)
  • Manage spf exception IPs

Confirm mail logs and manage queue

  • Check charts for mail deliveries, queue count, etc.
  • Check mail delivery logs
  • Confirm and manage queues

Check dnsbl and manage lists

  • Automatically send mail after checking dnsbl
  • Manage dnsbl check list

Manage bounced mail error codes

  • Customize bounced messages for bounced mail

Manage rbldns

  • Manage rbldns list
  • Add and manage rbldns exception IPs
  • Check logs

Send bulk mail

  • Add and manage bulk mail address lists (auto-checks unusual mail addresses)
  • Add and manage bulk mail forms
  • Send background (1-second intervals)